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Machine LearningWinter term 2012/2013

Machine Learning

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Teaching in the winter term 2012/2013

Caution: date format is DD.MM.YY, time format is 12h

Module: Machine Learning I
part (6LP)
Lecture: Machine Learning I
starts: 25.10.2012, 10:00 am, FR 3003
part (3LP)

Preparatory course: MATLAB programming
starts: 01.10.2012, 10:00 am, FR 6535
Preparatory course: Mathematical foundations
starts: 08.10.2012, 10:00 am, FR 6043
Seminar: Classical Topics in Machine Learning
starts: 15.11.2012, 3:00 pm, FR 6046
Seminar: Causality Analysis
starts: 08.11.2012, 3:00 pm, FR 6046
Seminar: Algebraic Geometry and Singular Learning Theory
starts: 19.10.2012, 3:00 pm, FR 6048
Seminar: Reading Group
starts: 08.11.2012, 9:00 am, FR 6046
Module: Cognitive Algorithms
part (6LP)
Lecture: Cognitive Algorithms
starts: 24.10.2012, 12:00 noon, FR 3002
part (3LP)

Seminar: Applications of Cognitive Algorithms
starts: 01.11.2012, 3:00 pm, FR 6046
Module: Project Machine Learning
part (9LP)
Project Machine Learning
starts: 18.10.2012, 3:00 pm, FR 6046
BSc/MSc/PhD Seminar
List of topics
time: every Wednesday, 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm


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