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Seminar Lerning Theory

The seminar "Learning Theory" is an optional compulsory course (3 LP) in the module "Machine Learning II".

Teaching coordination and course inscription are done via the ISIS site of the seminar. Detailed information on course formalities and accreditability are also summarized there. A description for external participants (Nebenhörer and Gasthörer) can be found below in the section on the online part of the course.

Preliminary discussion and topic assignment
Friday, 12.04.2013, 14:00 am
room: MAR 4.033
the time schedule will be fixed in the discussion
room: MAR 4.033
Prof. Dr. Klaus-Robert Müller
office hours: by appointment
Person of contact
Dr. Franz Király
office hours: by appointment


In the seminar, introductory topics in learning theory will be presented by the participants. Talks can be given in any of the following subject areas:


Subject areas
Vapnik-Chervonenkis Theory
Statistical Learning Theory
Learning with Neural Networks
Compressed Sensing
Learning with Algebraic Structure

For single talk topics, the organizatorial schedule and supervisor assignments please consult the ISIS webpage of the seminar.


The following are optional prerequisites which are helpful but not necessary for participating in the seminar:

  • Basic knowledge in machine learning, as presented in the respective modules (machine learning I or machine intelligence I)
  • Basic knowledge in linear algebra and calculus, as presented in the respective modules (German: Lineare Algebra, Analysis)
  • Basic knowledge in probability theory, as presentid in the module stochastics (German: Elementare Stochastik)


The seminar "Learning Theory" can be accredited as an optional compulsory course for the module "Machine Learning II" and can be used to obtain part of the admission criteria for the exam.

A successful participation in the seminar includes independently acquiring knowledge on the assigned topic, and preparing a 35 to 45 minute talk with slides on the topic (usually the slides are digital).

For obtaining a certificate of participation, enrolment at the TU is neccessary in the form of a full enrolment, a Nebenhörerschaft or a Gasthörerschaft. For obtaining full accreditation, enrolment at the TU is neccessary in the form of a full enrolment or a Nebenhörerschaft.

More details on registration, exam modalities and accreditation can be found on the online part of the course.

Online course / ISIS

Course organization and participation in the online course are carried out over the ISIS system of the TU. For registration, a tubIT account is necessary. External participants who are enrolled at the TU (Nebenhörer and Gasthörer) can obtain an ISIS account at the tubIT office. For this, it is necessary to apply for an account at the tubIT-Laden with the Nebenhörer/Gasthörer enrolment certificate.

The discussion forums which are visible to all participants and the anonymous feedback possibilities can be used by all participants of the online part for asking questions and providing comments.

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